The 1st Annual Santa Barbara Wedding Industry Summit 2018

summit collage2revisedOn Tuesday, October 16, 2018, an entire industry came together in the Santa Barbara region for the first ever State of the Santa Barbara Wedding Industry Fireside Summit  “Define. Design. Evolve.”

The event, which was sold out 3 months in advance, was described as “the leading industry event of our area of all time”.  After 20 years in the Santa Barbara wedding industry as an event planner, trainer and speaker, I witnessed many, many changes over the years, but none so rapid and dramatic as the last 5-7 years.  And what was happening on a national level was compounded ten fold in the unique niche of the American Riviera:  Santa Barbara, CA with the recent Thomas Fire and Flood , plus the challenges in our area with private estates hosting events.  After observing numerous industry social media groups’ conversations, I noticed there was an incredible opportunity to help colleagues define what was going on so they could custom design a plan best for them, and most importantly:  evolve.   In order to evolve, however, a foundation of understanding had to happen. Continue reading “The 1st Annual Santa Barbara Wedding Industry Summit 2018”

Santa Barbara Wedding Industry Summit Sponsor Spotlight: Choozly

adobe-spark-post(2)Choozly‘s founder Tad Clark is also the founder of AMS Entertainment Santa Barbara and founded Choozly to promote local wedding professionals and make it easy for engaged couples to find local services.  Anyone who does wedding business in Santa Barbara can list their business with Choozly.  Use the referral code and it’s complimentary – forever.
When I first was laying the groundwork for The State of the Santa Barbara Wedding Industry Summit, Tad approached me to let me know how much he wanted to support our amazing Santa Barbara wedding industry.  I told him how we had a Financial Aid/Scholarship Fund for those industry pros wanting to come to the Summit but who may not be able to afford it.  Tad said Choozly wanted to support this , as well as the overall success of this unique Summit,  that was to benefit the entire Santa Barbara events community.  We are deeply grateful to Choozly for their support as a Major Event Sponsor for the Summit.

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Why Be a Sponsor for The State of the Santa Barbara Wedding Industry Fireside Summit?

The State of the Santa Barbara Wedding Industry Fireside Summit “Define. Design. Evolve.”
 sold out three months before the actual event date.  But there is still time to be involved in this powerhouse of an event, bringing together an entire industry at a critical time in our industry nationally as well as triply so locally.  The summit’s audience includes resorts, inns, museums, wineries, wedding planners, caterers, photographers, florists, rental companies, entertainment agencies, musicians, and more and will be submitted to local print, television and radio media for press consideration.  So there is plenty of opportunity to illuminate awareness on your business and brand at this very important event. 

Depending on what your business goals are, we have a couple of popular options: Continue reading “Why Be a Sponsor for The State of the Santa Barbara Wedding Industry Fireside Summit?”