Why I Don’t Answer My Cell Phone On Event Days


adobe-spark-post(60).pngThis article was just featured on Special Events Magazine on 11.14.19.


What?  Did she really just say that?  What kind of professional is she?  I can literally hear the gasps (and did hear the gasps in the room at an event at which I was speaking) when I said this.

Look, after 20+ years, 600+ weddings, 1,000+ corporate events, I’ve had my share of crisis-addicted, control-freak moments obsessing about “what if” that call was something that could make or break the event and I generally answered every single call (with or without Caller ID).  I mean, what if not answering that one call doomed the event, an event partner, my client, and /or my entire branding and reputation? Let me tell you right now:  amateurs dwell in fear from lack of experience and insecurity.  World-class professional leaders dwell in experience, confidence, trust and the big picture. Continue reading “Why I Don’t Answer My Cell Phone On Event Days”

2.12.19 Fireside Wine With a Wedding Planner

image1(2)With unprecedented low conference attendance nation-wide and conference managers having to comp attendee’s tickets in record numbers, at no time has it been more clear:  individuals seeking wedding and hospitality industry education are putting more thought than ever into their investment and are seeking something different.  Continue reading “2.12.19 Fireside Wine With a Wedding Planner”

Creating the Trends: The Micro Educational Experience – a throwback to the 17th Century “Salon”

Photo Credit: Mike Adams

Are traditional networking and educational events extinct?   Certainly these organizations and monthly mixers have relevance and we can talk about their evolution another time.   But when, for years I hear members dragging their feet to “have” to go to another monthly mixer and hear whispers questioning  the perceived lack of value in the return on their investment of money, time, and more, I think some of these questions may be pointing to opportunity.  I’m not saying get rid of the incredibly wonderful special events organizations that exist- their decades of experience and the education they offer on an international level – can offer members many benefits.  What I am suggesting, however, is the opportunity to create a new niche : that of the micro-educational experience.  Continue reading “Creating the Trends: The Micro Educational Experience – a throwback to the 17th Century “Salon””

“In the Public Interest” Radio Interview with CEO Kerry Lee Doehr | Rincon Broadcasting

50510717_10218666080109735_3512610785098465280_nRincon Broadasting (K-LITE 101.7FM, KTYD 99.9FM and KTMS AM)’s Jim Sirianni hosted me for a show called “In the Public Interest“, where the angle is all things Santa Barbara interest-related.   During this interview, Jim and I had some fun discussing my family legacy (the Kerry family) in Santa Barbara and many things Santa Barbara wedding planner – related, including top tips for couples starting out planning a wedding and some tips for those looking to break into the wedding planning business.

You can listen to the ~20 minute interview here

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Cocktails with Coordinators “The Radical Wedding Planner”

adobe-spark-post(20)Our Fireside Series continues with another “chat workshop”; but this is not your typical wedding business workshop. Edgy and sassy, we are really going to go “there” and get things going with some kicking content.

A Pro Mixologist will coach us while we craft two specialty cocktails to sip and savor while we dive into some pot-stirring content. With inspiration from Leadership in Heels, we will tackle some of the most controversial topics facing our industry and community. This session is guaranteed to get you fired up for your own evolution, as well as help foster some radical authenticity much needed in our industry at a crucial time.

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The 1st Annual Santa Barbara Wedding Industry Summit 2018

summit collage2revisedOn Tuesday, October 16, 2018, an entire industry came together in the Santa Barbara region for the first ever State of the Santa Barbara Wedding Industry Fireside Summit  “Define. Design. Evolve.”

The event, which was sold out 3 months in advance, was described as “the leading industry event of our area of all time”.  After 20 years in the Santa Barbara wedding industry as an event planner, trainer and speaker, I witnessed many, many changes over the years, but none so rapid and dramatic as the last 5-7 years.  And what was happening on a national level was compounded ten fold in the unique niche of the American Riviera:  Santa Barbara, CA with the recent Thomas Fire and Flood , plus the challenges in our area with private estates hosting events.  After observing numerous industry social media groups’ conversations, I noticed there was an incredible opportunity to help colleagues define what was going on so they could custom design a plan best for them, and most importantly:  evolve.   In order to evolve, however, a foundation of understanding had to happen. Continue reading “The 1st Annual Santa Barbara Wedding Industry Summit 2018”

Fireside Wine With a Wedding Planner: An informal “chat workshop” for wedding consultants

fireside wine wed planContinuing the Wedding Planner Mentorship Series is  Fireside Wine With a Wedding Planner, an informal “chat workshop”, which will explore in more detail two of the most popular topics from the Wedding Planner Newcomer PowerLunch #1 on October 25th and the encore presentation from January 31st. You spoke and we listened.  The top two topics requested for more intense detail from our last workshop were:  1) Deciding What You Will Offer (packages, hourly rates, the extent of types of coordination/planning/design) and  2)  Marketing & PR for the Independent Contractor & Small Business:  Cost-Effective,  Powerful Methods (including tune-up tips for current endeavors to capture revenue during this prime booking season of now through February, plus, the most damaging phrases/words in marketing and the reason many brands derail.

+PLUS+ Bonus Content: Delving into the one factor no form, market research, budget projection or potential client filter questionnaire can do for you with regard to sales & booking new business.  We will continue to take a more in-depth look at that #1 Source of Revenue we discussed in our first two full PowerLunch workshop experiences  & the factor many miss when building their wedding planning business.  Bring your most pressing questions, because this informal chat workshop around the cozy fire allows for some personalized consultation! 

28276441_10156211856613307_7468450017160916139_n(1)What makes this workshop unique is the intimate nature and the fact we are reserving a whole section for you – the wedding consultant and/or business- to bring your most pressing business and marketing questions for professional consulting from an expert – as well as some of your peers.

From a local Santa Barbara Wedding Coordinator/Floral Design Business & previous attendee of Fireside Wine With a Wedding Planner:  “…thank you so much for the coaching last night!  I appreciate your time and great ideas.  I look forward to more of your expertise advice through either these coachings or chat series.”

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