Summary of our Complimentary “Live Feed” Instagram Session 1

90158311_10158149623308307_4403381212672950272_nToday’s first session at 2pm PST was what I call a “Band Aid” session.  Priorities. It’s the first of a series of complimentary virtual  sessions I’m offering this week on my Instagram and Facebook “live” feeds addressing the hospitality industry and COVID19.

Below are the highlights/nuggets of what I presented today : Continue reading “Summary of our Complimentary “Live Feed” Instagram Session 1″

Immediate Relevant & Complimentary Community Support For the Special Event & Hospitality Partner

The following appeared in a newsletter that we  sent Sunday, March 15th in response to COVID19’s deepening impact on our world and our industry.

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Finally, something that will encourage community-building interaction, provides complimentary revenue-support &  top business tips during a critical down time, plus provides the current social distancing necessary, and….
won’t get cancelled! Continue reading “Immediate Relevant & Complimentary Community Support For the Special Event & Hospitality Partner”

Leadership Series | On Praise: Better Ways to Motivate Your Team

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Motivation is not something you do to others.   Whether or not a person chooses to feel motivated is up to them.   That said, unless a leader creates the environment that team members can be motivated, it’s not likely they will choose to be motivated.

Not one person can argue that 1) praise is a positive thing, 2) people like to hear it, and 3) people need to hear it, especially in work.  But did you know that praise- even if well-intentioned- is given without genuine authenticity and used as an opportunity to connect can actually backfire? Continue reading “Leadership Series | On Praise: Better Ways to Motivate Your Team”

When Mistakes Are Made in Creative Business: To Refund or Not to Refund… Or To Rebuild a Relationship

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The mark of a great leader (or company) is not in that they never make mistakes or fall short in customer’s eyes from time to time, but in how they handle the dissatisfaction of their customers in reconciling the relationship and not necessarily just the issue.  It also involves incredible integrity and ethics to admit to having made the mistake (true industry leaders do not try and cover up mistakes) and then most importantly:  seeking to make everything right.  Continue reading “When Mistakes Are Made in Creative Business: To Refund or Not to Refund… Or To Rebuild a Relationship”

The Difference Between Being a Professional and Being Professional

battle black blur board gameThis article was featured in Special Events Magazine, recently made the top featured articles on Google News, and was in the top 10 articles read by event pros all over the world during the month of May 2019 in Special Events Magazine.  Join the conversation and let us know what you think.


From “professional” event planners yelling at the top of their lungs to other event partners who are not performing; wedding planners taking off their shoes and running barefoot throughout the rest of the event because “that’s what they do” when their feet hurt; joining guests in drinking alcohol during the event,  to a more recent jaw-dropper:  a venue who invited me to host a workshop at their private location so they could promote it and not only did they not have the equipment they said they would so when I arrived I had to call my assistant who was in Los Angeles to drive up and bring me what I needed, the location had not cleaned up from guests who stayed the night before with beds unmade, trash still in place and … wait for it:  dirty underwear and used feminine hygiene products left out that I had to frantically pick up before my guests arrived.

As the Farmer’s Insurance commercial says, “we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

Being “a” professional means you are hired to carry out a task or series of duties.   You get paid to do certain work.  But being professional involves a whole other level of standards and standing out.  You can be a professional anything, but not be professional doing it.  Continue reading “The Difference Between Being a Professional and Being Professional”

Top 3 Reasons Paying to Advertise to Be Referred By A Venue is Unethical & Damages Event Partner Relations

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Over the years I have been approached to pay to advertise in specialty “magazine” publications handed out by venues to promote their services under the guise of offering their customers great service in “referrals to the best” to work at their properties.  The premise is that once the event partners (vendors) have done so, the venue promises to refer them only and promote them as “exclusive” to their venue. Continue reading “Top 3 Reasons Paying to Advertise to Be Referred By A Venue is Unethical & Damages Event Partner Relations”

Reacting vs. Responding

unnamedThe ability to react to life-threatening or potentially physically harmful situations is a good skill to have. But I am not addressing that type of “reacting” here. I speak to the every-day issues in our personal and professional lives: issues that are constantly clamoring for our attention every time we turn around. And many that are, in fact, seemingly worthy of immediate reaction, if not downright panic.

The worst way to decide an emotional issue is emotionally. Reacting is generally based entirely on emotions in a knee-jerk response-manner.   Emotions can often cloud all the practical information we need to make a decision that values others- and ourselves.   Continue reading “Reacting vs. Responding”