When Core Values Are Infused Into Detailed Customer Touch Points: The Disney Way

The Disney Institute teaches that organizations which are built by design must do a core values “autopsy” and start from the inside out, with a mission statement that is a “three-parter”. It includes “Become, Experience, Do” statements (what we want to become; what we want our customers to experience; and what we must do to accomplish all of this).  It further […]

Leadership & Process: 5 Take-Aways From The Living Legends of the Haunted Mansion

In case you missed it, Haunted Orange County hosted an evening of epic quality conversation with two of Disney’s greatest designers and Imagineers (Ms. Tania Norris– Interior Designer for New Orleans Square & Haunted Mansion; and Mr. Bob Gurr, legendary designer for attractions such as Autopia, Monorail, Matterhorn Bobsleds, People Mover, and more) on a […]