Wedding Coordinator Business Essentials Paperwork (“Priceless Paraphernalia”)

newsletter2Wedding Coordinator Business Essentials Paperwork is the backbone of every successful professional wedding consultant.  Ours is the result of 20 years of actual work experience, trials and errors, legal counsel and more.  Our contract is known for being one of the most air-tight and detailed in the industry and includes clauses that many do not think of until it’s too late.  But most importantly, our contracts/terms and conditions set both the coordinator and the client up for success because it also spells out the areas for which the client is responsible (yes, clients have responsibilities , too).  This, and the other forms in this package  (see below) are yours to take and make your own and use with your own logo and customize them to your business (but we have a lot of the basics and more covered- you will probably find you do not have to change much).

We offer you these forms to take, use and thrive.

Packet includes:

  • Contract, Terms & Conditions Template for “Month-of” Coordination
  • Contract, Terms & Conditions Template for “Full Service Planning”
  • Wedding Planning Client Questionnaire For Full Service Planning
  • Worksheet/Questionnaire  for ‘Month of” Coordination Planning
  • Day-of Production Schedule & Event Timeline Template
  • Bridal Party Cheatsheet Template
  • Full Service Caterer & Full Service Florist Duty/Checklist

susie gift blogInvestment:  $1995 for the whole package | Individual items above are also available on an a la carte basis – please inquire on pricing.   All Our Workshop Attendees are offered 50% off the entire package automatically | Special offers occur regularly on social media| Payment Plans available for independent contractors and small businesses up to 10 employees.    Contact us to purchase or discuss.

Payment Options:  Credit cards accepted through PayPal.  Want to chat about purchasing this package or any of the single items above for your business?  Contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

“I’m so excited!  This was the last missing piece I needed to get started! Everything is very extensive.  I’m so grateful for these!” – Los Angeles Wedding Coordinator

“I’ve never found anyone who will share their contract information, let alone wedding planning worksheets to walk me through all the steps of planning a wedding with my clients.  The only “worksheets” being sold out there (even by other wedding planners) are mainly geared for brides.  These documents you provide address all the unique angles a professional wedding coordinator needs to look at to plan an incredibly successful event.  So glad I made this investment!”  – Northern California Destination Wedding Planner

“I honestly never thought about some of the clauses you have in your contracts but feel on solid ground having them.  You have saved me time and money.  I mean, I get to jump in to what took you almost 20 years, so in a way, I feel like I’m jump starting years ahead of the competition with these documents!”  -Ventura Wedding Coordinator

Want to know more about Engaging Inspiration, a consultancy dedicated to the wedding and hospitality professional?  Please visit our main Website.

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