Wedding Planner Newcomer PowerLunch Mentorship Series #1: What Guests Experienced

4D708D11-4147-47BC-9FFA-FE0955390922Whether they were just starting out in their wedding coordination business or a seasoned professional wanting to stay fresh and inspired, the Wedding Planner Newcomer PowerLunch offered attendees a highly unique and fun experience.

Going beyond a design workshop, we answered the call for a grass-roots introduction to the basics of starting – and maintaining- a solid wedding planning business in the Santa Barbara and Ventura areas.  Since these geographic areas are highly unique and the wedding economy has shifted the last several years, it is especially important to have a grasp on the economics, culture and niches in this geographic area.

I am a huge advocate of “guest experience” .  For me, this means not just putting on a memorable event, but  1)  starting the event experience long before guests actually arrive on site for the event day and 2)  delivering more than promised .  Together, these two elements are what create the “wow” factor at any event.

D37F13FC-EFC5-475F-882C-8B3F75046256Guests who booked this workshop enjoyed a once-a-week short email for 5 weeks prior to the event date with bonus content they could take and start to implement immediately;  we ran a fun social media contest to get guests engaged and the winner took home Emily Post’s latest Wedding Etiquette book; and all attendees received my signature “little black box“, a surprise mailed to them at their home mailboxes to add a little fun and set the tone for the workshop.  This workshop’s little black box was a custom puzzle I had made for them to assemble that, when put together , said, “If the puzzle pieces don’t fit into your puzzle, try another picture.”

Available to all attendees was a special offer of half off our “Priceless Paraphernalia Package“- a package of paperwork essentials for wedding coordinators, including a contract and terms and conditions template, planning worksheets, production schedule/timeline template packets as well as Bridal Party Cheatsheets and more.  Additionally, guests were offered special rates for on-going coaching after the workshop, should they need it.

We came, we sipped sparkling bubbly at our gracious host’s location Ventura Rental Party Center, we saw inspiring new tablescapes designed and styled by the Ventura Rental team, and enjoyed a fresh, light lunch while we dove in to topics including contract basics (including often-missed important clauses), marketing, deciding what you will offer (rates, packages), ethics, and the number one source of business for longevity.  We networked, and attendees left asking when the next one was going to happen (and we are scheduling it as you read this).

For more information about upcoming workshops, visit the homepage of Engaging Inspiration, and check out the rotating “Upcoming Events” banner;  for more information on Wedding Coordinator Training, Coaching, Mentoring and more, please visit our training page.

Photographer Mike Adams captured a few moments from our October 25th Wedding Coordinator PowerLunch Mentorship Experience below:


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