Welcome From Founder Kerry Lee Doehr

A Welcome Orientation and Overview of my BLOG

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Kerry Lee Doehr

Welcome to the Engaging Inspiration BLOG!  Here you will find information on leadership excellence, communication, customer experience, education and maybe a few pot-stirring rants to shake things up a bit for the special event and hospitality partner.

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We need to talk. Thank You Notes May Be More Than You Think They Are

adobe-spark-post(87)We need to talk.  Thank you notes are not only not dead, they are more essential than ever.  If you think it’s just “not necessary”, or that they are “outdated”,  “too formal”, are a form of snobbery or worse:  “take too much time”,  then you are contributing directly to the world’s increasing lack of grace, malaise, misunderstandings and cry for connection.   Plus it is ultimately a statement about you to all around you.   Sound a bit too dramatic?  Think again and wake up.

Thank you notes are classy and indicate manners.  But you didn’t click on that link to read about the obvious, so let’s go a bit deeper.  Continue reading “We need to talk. Thank You Notes May Be More Than You Think They Are”

The Busy and Overworked Image In Marketing: An Indication of Prestige or Entry Level Amateur?

design desk display eyewear

I recently saw an event professional post a photo of themselves on vacation all lounged out in a tropical location on their cell phone with the caption, “can’t stop working”, as though that were a Badge of Honor or credit to their success.

But we as an American culture have cultivated that and seem to encourage it, I’m afraid.  Appearing too busy seems to imply that you are scarce and in demand because you are so good.  You must be important if people are trying to reach you on your time off.  Further, you must be a committed professional to your clients if you take time on your own time off to make them and their needs a priority.  Continue reading “The Busy and Overworked Image In Marketing: An Indication of Prestige or Entry Level Amateur?”

Top 5 Reasons The Santa Barbara Wedding Summit Offers Significant Value During An Economic Downturn

With the California economy struggling and a wedding downspend officially in full swing, it may seem that investing in one’s business is the last priority.   Triply so with so many free networking and industry events available locally.   However, at no time has it been more important to invest – and invest wisely– in your business development,  surround yourself with experts, and build relationships and community.

summit collage2revised
2018 Santa Barbara Wedding & Hospitality Summit | Photos by Emily Merrill

The Santa Barbara Wedding & Hospitality Summit was founded to bring world-class education and collaboration with industry leaders right to our own backyard.  It provides a mastermind experience to allow leaders to retreat, reflect, get inspired, connect, and hit the ground running in charge and ready for the new year, no matter what the economy. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons The Santa Barbara Wedding Summit Offers Significant Value During An Economic Downturn”

Why I Don’t Answer My Cell Phone On Event Days


adobe-spark-post(60).pngThis article was just featured on Special Events Magazine on 11.14.19.


What?  Did she really just say that?  What kind of professional is she?  I can literally hear the gasps (and did hear the gasps in the room at an event at which I was speaking) when I said this.

Look, after 20+ years, 600+ weddings, 1,000+ corporate events, I’ve had my share of crisis-addicted, control-freak moments obsessing about “what if” that call was something that could make or break the event and I generally answered every single call (with or without Caller ID).  I mean, what if not answering that one call doomed the event, an event partner, my client, and /or my entire branding and reputation? Let me tell you right now:  amateurs dwell in fear from lack of experience and insecurity.  World-class professional leaders dwell in experience, confidence, trust and the big picture. Continue reading “Why I Don’t Answer My Cell Phone On Event Days”

How To Know When It’s Time To Leave a Party: 7 Subtle Hints From Your Host

dinner and wine over a candle light
Photo by Luke Barkhuizen

While this has little to do with wedding business, it does fall under the category of hospitality, under another sub-category of “manners” with a focus on being a good guest.  In our industry we are so focused on hosting the perfect event and party, but sometimes forget that being the perfect guest is equally important.   Manners are not some elitist act of snobbery.  Manners are based on consideration, respect and ultimately love for those around as well as oneself.   I have seen too many examples of lack of awareness at private events over the last several years (a few in my own private entertaining), making it awkward for everyone, and worst of all, many hosts (including myself) do not  re-invite repeat offenders, as it’s just too exhausting to have them and takes out much of the joy of entertaining.   And I’m not just talking about dinner parties and large parties – I’m including many of those gatherings with one or two friends in one’s private home.  Continue reading “How To Know When It’s Time To Leave a Party: 7 Subtle Hints From Your Host”

2019/2020 Santa Barbara Wedding & Hospitality Industry Mastermind Summit Featured Speakers


Introducing our featured expert speakers for the Santa Barbara Wedding & Hospitality Mastermind Summit Tuesday, 3.3.20 from 9am-8pm at the iconic Music Academy of the West: Continue reading “2019/2020 Santa Barbara Wedding & Hospitality Industry Mastermind Summit Featured Speakers”